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Here you will always find new creations, all unique. So come back frequently.

All patinated decorations are impregnated with Owatrol oil, which prevents further rusting and flaking.

K01 MobileK01 Mobile
Luffa ring with butterfly
W 11 cm, H 12 cm, D 11 cm
weight: approx. 5 g

13.00 €


K02 Schmetterling im HolzrahmenK02 Butterfly in wooden frame
Dimensions: W 20 x H 17 x D 4,5 cm
Weight: approx. 290 g

21.90 € 



K03 Dekofeder paniert mit SchmetterlingK03 Decorative feather patinated with butterfly
Size: diameter approx. 8 cm
height 12 cm
weight: 40 g

18.50 €



K04 Schmetterling auf Treibholz 2K04 Butterfly on driftwood
Dimensions: W 15 cm, H 9 cm, D 10 cm
Weight: 260 g

21.00 €



K05 WipplerK05 Wippler
covered with pure silk, possible variable shape.
It reacts to every vibration with a swinging motion.
It also decorates bottles or vases beautifully.
Dimensions as photographed: Diameter at the bottom: 14 cm, H 23 cm
Weight: approx. 50 g

19.90 €

K06 Wandbild aus Eisen mit Patina
K06 Iron mural with patina
Size: W 50 cm, H 100 cm, D 3,5 cm
Weight: approx. 7 kg

350.00 €




K07 Dekofeder paniert mit Spirale und Schmetterling
K07 Deco feather patinated with spiral and butterfly
Size: diameter approx. 9 cm
Height: 12 cm
weight: 45 g

19.50 €




K08 Schmetterling auf LuffaK08 Butterfly on luffa sponge

15.00 €










K09 Spirale mit SchmetterlingK09 Spiral with butterfly
covered with pure silk, possible variable shape.
diameter 19 cm
weight: approx. 35 g

19.90 €


K10 Winkel mit Spirale und SchmetterlingK10 Angle with spiral and butterfly
Size: W 5 cm, H 23 cm, D 5 cm
Weight: 670 g

24.90 €